Mogahwi Stationery & Office Equipment was founded in the State of Kuwait in 1940 by its owner Mr.Hamood Abdul Aziz Al-Abdul Aziz Al-Mogahwi, and it was then under the business  name of Student Library. The firm had taken upon itself to procure all new requirements in the field of stationery & Office Equipment for serving the educational sector in the State of Kuwait and satisfying the needs of students, engineers & artists as well as State sectors.

For the sake of realizing this objective , the firm had taken several steps the most important of which was the participation in the international exhibitions concerning Stationery & Office Equipments as well as engineering & technical fairs that had enabled it acquire a good reputation and  further expanded its activities. So , it changed its business name from Student Library  to  Mogahwi  Stationery & Office Equipment, with its numerous braches through out the State of Kuwait  that cope with the successive developments for providing all that is new and innovative Thus, the establishment had obtained a number of agencies from the United Stated of America,France , Germany & Japan for the best high class qualities of stationery & office equipment  as well as for engineering equipment of the most famous & renowned international trade marks in addition to the section of technical instruments.

The policy of this firm is that no new product shall be added unless it has been subjected to a detailed & thorough study by the specialists of the establishment who had acquired their profession from the accumulated experience for more than half a century.

Mission & Goals


Customer Satisfaction,  We at MOGAHWI dedicated to provide quality services focusing on customer’s needs, Meeting customers needs with high-quality products and services, has always been first and foremost importance to the Staff and Management at MOGAHWI.

        We at MOGAHWI will be open, honest and enthusiastic, celebrating our successes and learning from our experiences. 

Our Goals , To be one of the dominant Supplier of Educational ,Engineering and Artist products  in  State of Kuwait .
       and to be able to equip ourselves well, so that we can carter to the diverse and complex demands of our esteemed customers.